About Us

      Friends Welfare Community is a Social Networking & Online Shopping Portal designed for everyone. The Portal is named as http://www.fwc.ayuindia.com. The Shopping Portal allows you to Shop in all the existing Major Brands in India, Pay Policy Premium & Recharge Facility for your Prepaid Mobile Number/Data Card & Many more to add in coming days.

      Friends Welfare Community was founded in December 2013 by group skilled professionals with a vision to be a platform for people from all over dedicated to help individual's improve the quality of life and well being of Society.

      Friends Welfare Community plan’s to be a primary Brand Community Marketplace, trusted by many brands worldwide and growing rapidly, unlocking the customer network in its full potential.

      Friends Welfare Community is open for Members from all around the world, however we like you to make note that the social networking part is open and free of cost for everyone whereas and most importantly a person should be of legal age which usually is 18 year before you request for the Reward cum Discount Card.

       Based on this idea - We Can Do a Lot – Because a brand community represents a cohesive group, marketers can treat customers like subscribers or members and develop membership-oriented programs that deepen customer relationships.

      As visible consumers of a brand, brand community members can become its best promoters: Brand community members propel the brand message (and their enthusiasm for it) into the market and also act as the conduit for feedback from the market.

      They become the source of valuable customer research.

Fwc will offer Qualitysheet to Brand Fans

  • 1 A brand Experience and recommendation service

  • 2 An Ideas Bank for the brand

  • 4 Start a Brand Community in less than 1 minute.

  • 5 Brand Community manager tools to manage the Community

  • 6 Information about the Community and its members

  • 7 Exclusive news and advantages from your brands

      • No specifically defined channels of communication - Friends Welfare Community participants communicate via Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Mail Agent, via e-mail, by phone or in person of course.

Friends Welfare Community– is a complete revolution of the shopping experience between people and brands. And this revolution will open many new opportunities for both, people and brands.

Together - We Can Do A Lot! Together - We Are Changing The World!