Q1. What is Friends Welfare Community?

Ans:- Friends Welfare Community is a Social Networking & Online Shopping Portal designed for everyone. The Portal is named as http://www.fwc.ayuindia.com. The Shopping Portal allows you to Shop in all the existing Brands in India, Pay Policy Premium & Recharge Facility for your Prepaid Mobile Number/Data Card & Many more to add in coming days.

Q2. Who administer’s Friends Welfare Commuinty ?

Ans:- Friends Welfare Community was founded in December 2013. It is been managed by a group skilled professionals. The Marketing & Promotion Department of the Company is handled by its Marketing Team.

Q3. Who can participate in this program?

Ans:- Friends Welfare Community is open for Members from all around the world, however we like you to make note that the social networking part is open and free of cost for everyone whereas and most importantly a person should be of legal age which usually is 18 year before you request for the Reward cum Discount Card.


Q1. How do I Register in Reward cum Discount Card Program?

Ans:- It's quite easy and convenient. To get Register in Reward cum Discount Card programme either you have to contact the friend who introduced you or your Advisor. You can find your Advisor details on you’re my Profile page . Reward cum Discount Card Registration charges are Rs.1000/-. In Reward cum Discount Card Registration Process One Email ID can only be used for One Account Registration.

Q2. How do I get my Email ID verified with Reward cum Discount Card & why it is necessary?

Ans:- Email ID verification is only a One Time Process. It is very important for all Members to get verified their Email ID associated with Reward cum Discount Card. Since it is an Online Shopping Portal, all the details related to your Shopping will be sent on your Email ID, if it is verified.

Q3. How secured is my account?

Ans:- Your account details is only know to you, we advice all member to keep their account details safe. All Members must Change their Log In & Access Password Periodically for safety.


Q1. What are the Reward cum Discount Card Points Package Options?

Ans:- Options available for Members to Join Reward cum Discount Card Points Program by choosing the package that they prefer and get rewards on the package . Members can also Top–Up their Reward cum Discount Cards for any odd amount of points at any of our Merchant Locations ..

Q2. How do I Top-Up OR activate my Reward cum Discount Card Membership?

Ans:- Member can Activate Reward cum Discount Card Membership by making Payments in Bank Account provided when you request for a Bonus Points Package on your account. Payment made to any other account or party other than the displayed will not be considered for Membership Activation.

Q3. Can I make additions or up gradation my existing Reward cum Discount Card Account?

Ans:- Yes it is possible. If you wish to make point additions to your card you can add points at our Merchant Locations

Q4. Can i Redeem process automatically?

Ans:- No, for security purposes the process of Redeem points is not automated. Every Member has to send Redeem Points Request, whenever required. Redeem Points Option is open on all Mondays 24 Hours. The Minimum Redeem Points Request is 1000 Points & above.

Q5. How long does it take for my Redeem Points request to be processed?

Ans:- All Redeem Points requests are processed within 7 days, as per schedule