Rules of Friends Welfare Community

Participant Rules

  1. Participant receives growth points on help provided respective of time period .

  2. Participant also gets bonus point on referring friends.

Advisor Rules

  1. Advisor plays a main role in management of their community.

  2. All Advisor’s are in charge to monitor Participants of his community.

  3. All Advisor’s are required to execute any order given by the Administrator without any undue delay.

  4. An Advisor must communicate with Participants from time to time and inform them about the tasks given to them.

  5. Advisor must learn and abide the “Rules” on the website and browse the site every day; He must have a personal computer, install and have an account in Skype and also know how to use it; He must be able to answer any questions about the Rules questioned by his Sr. Advisor or Organizer.

  6. He must send the scan of ID proof to his Sr. Advisor or Organizer;

      An Advisor has an active role in Friends Welfare Community. He is a person who is responsible to control and guide his community. His primary duty is to consult and register new Participants. Also he should assist the Participants who wish to Participant Help or Request Help. The Advisor is responsible to his Organizer about his Community.

      An Advisor must be aware about all the activities and updates going on in Friends Welfare Community. He should be well versed about how the system works, how to register new Participants, how to be able to use online banking. He should know about the referral and community bonuses, as well as, keep a daily watch on the official web-site ,

      An Advisor can have only one structure under him. For example, the Organizer cannot be both an Organizer and a Sr. Organizer or Regional manager.

  1. All the Transactions will take place in Indian Currency.

  2. Cash Transactions are strictly prohibited .

  3. All members are kindly requested to enter correct information such as Bank Accounts, Name, and Mobile Number, Email ID etc. for smooth functioning.

  4. One Email-ID can only be used for one registration, for security reasons.

  5. Friends Welfare Community Annual Reward Cum Discount Card Account Maintenance Charges are Rs.1000/-

  6. On Member Home Screen you can check your Social Network and your friends in your Community. You have to click on Button “Bonus Points Request ” to add amount in Card.

  7. Reward cum Discount Card Deals: This Option allows you to purchase the Online Shopping Deals available on the website from Confirm Points. The Deal Order will be executed in 7 Working Days. These deals will targeted on Pricing Policy & Make the product available to Members on Cheapest Price in India.

  8. New Participant: This option also allows a Member to create New Participant Registration. Member can activate any New Participant from Confirm Points, No Charges will be Applicable.

  9. Invite Participant: This Option allows you to register Member by sending him or her an Invite on their email id.

  10. My Activation: This option also allows a Participant Account Activation using Confirm Points, No Charges will be Applicable.

Monthly Field Allowance

      Monthly Field Allowance distributed on joining new people to the Bonus Points Program Card holders:

Promotion For M.F.A RankM.F.AArea
Direct 10 ActivationAdvisorRs.1000/- Village/Nagar
Direct 10 AdvisorField OfficerRs.5000/- Village[10]
Direct 10 Field OfficerManagerRs.15000/- Taluka
Direct 5 ManagerArea ManagerRs.25000/- District
Direct 4 Area ManagerExe. ManagerRs.45000/- District[4]
Direct 4 Exe. ManagerRegional ManagerRs.90000/- Regional